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Logistics cloud service

Make the enterprise more efficient and the service more capable
Global E-Trade Services (GeTS) was founded in Singapore in 2016, GeTS's supply chain platform provide customers with logistics , customs compliance and financial requirements services, which makes international logistics more seamless, intelligent and safe. The global cross-border customs clearance network has more than 60 nodes. Hive global freight forwarder network with 15 international chambers of Commerce, it connects nearly 10000 freight forwarders around the world. GeTS platform: Calista Freight eXchange is a global supply-chain arrangement platform, which integrates the key physical, compliance and financial activities of goods logistics in the digital ecosystem. Serving the community of shippers and logistics service providers to improve efficiency, promote trade and enhance the experience of delivering goods to market.

Logistics cloud service overall solution

Rate inquiry
Order management
Bill management
Cargo tracking


Booking space
SO released
Bills checking
Customer management
Freight management
Order management
Operation management
Financial management
Website management
Marketing management

Calista Freight eXchange

Integrate high quality resources
Rate inquiry
Booking/Releasing space
Provide data connections
High quality supplier
Class A Forwarder
Trucking company
Shipping company
Customs clearance agent

Software services(SAAS software)

Facilitate efficient enterprises

Facilitate high quality services

Forwarder cloud management system
It concentrates the customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource management (ERP), online sales management (SOL) and online operation management (OPOL) and it is the most advancing, the best to use and the most easy-to-use forwarder business management system. It will multiply your business management efficiency.
Customer cloud management system
It enables your customers (including domestic direct customers and overseas customers) to make inquiry at any time and any place,online bargaining, booking, SO releasing,trucking delegation, online VGM declaration, SI, bills checking, cargo tracking, etc., and it will provide more efficient and professionalservices
Your own e-commerce platform (can independent domain name) can not only show the corporate image, but also carry out business communication with your customers, improve service standard, develop new customers and bring new value to your enterprise.
Wechat Offical Accounts
Your own Wechat Offical Account allows you to serve your customers at any time and any place
Rate sharing
Advantaged rates are shared in the cloud by Class A forwarder, high-quality logistics resources can be integrated with one-click
Online booking/releasing space
You don't need to make inquiry by call, we will help you to book and get space online with one-click.

Platform Services(Calista Freight eXchange)

Make booking space as easy as booking a ticket

Data service

No longer a slave to data

Master the data from now on

Data linking
We provide a whole chain from shipper, forwarder, trucking company, Class A forwarder,carrier(under construction) with interconnected data and process from rate, booking,inperation, SI, VGM declaration, Bill.
Order tracking
We update a whole chain of order staus and cargo status in real time, so that customers could inquire rates at any time and any place, and there will be message reminding.
Schedule inquiry
More than 40 carriers' vessel schedule are updated and synchronized in real time on their official website. Route and schedule could be inquired with one-click
Logistics yellow pages
Port five-character code, airport three-character code, carrier, carrier's agent, port, yard address list inquiry.